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Greetings, Clark2B

Christopher Clark

If you're not very clever you should be conciliatory. -- Benjamin Disraeli

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Circle is Now Complete

Well, today marks 2 weeks from Clark2B's arrival who we now affectionately refer to as Brooklynn Elizabeth. It's been an exciting and educational journey. When I look back at the posts and remember the excitement of Nancy first starting to show to hearing the heartbeat for the first time and then first feeling the baby move, what great memories these have been.

Of course, the birth was memorable too... Don't forget to breathe Daddy...

Being a part of this miracle was second to nothing else I've ever done. There aren't too many dads out there that get to actually help deliver their child into this world. It was exciting to see her placed on Nancy for the first time and still not knowing yet was our baby a boy or girl. After a minute or so, I finally took a peek and was the first to announce we had a baby girl!

I don't know which I was more nervous about...pulling her out to complete her delivery or cutting the cord! Yes, that's me with the scissors!

I made a clean cut, and she was all ready for me to finally hold her.

Here we are, a happy looking family, not quite knowing was true sleep deprivation really is. Ha ha.

It's hard to believe that I once was a child and now I have a child. And so, quoting one of my favorite movies, Star Wars, "The circle is now complete."

And just like my favorite movie, the story doesn't stop here. Clark2B has a name thus Clark2B comes to an end. Maybe someday a new Clark2B adventure will be followed, but for now, Brooklynn's story will continue along with the rest of us at ClarksRUs.

See you there!

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor...

It's hard to believe Brooklynn is only 2 weeks old. It feels like she's been here longer. Maybe that's because I don't have much sense of day or night anymore. I live my life by the "itzbeen". If you're not familiar with this handy device, check it out at Thanks to Auntie Kimberly for bringing us this new master we now serve.

While I was pregnant, I would ask questions like, "How will I know when I'm in labor", or "How will I know when to push", and I would always be told, "Oh, you'll know". Well, I'm happy to report that now I know.

The week started off with a lot of anticipation. Brooklynn was running late and both my birthday and anniversary were approaching. Both passed by with nothing to show but some false labor sensations. But then, all the anticipation that built up since last May started a new anticipation at 3:45 a.m. on March 1st.

This was the hardest thing I've ever done. I never said during the labor that I couldn't do this, but I definitely had thoughts of being content with this being our only child. The labor was just under 12 hours and we were so happy to have Brooklynn delivered at home in the presence of family and with Christopher "catching" her as she was born. "Catching" her was actually a bit misleading. Christopher was all set to catch her as I made my final push, but was soon instructed that Brooklynn wasn't going to just come out on her own, he was going to have to pull her out! As soon as he did, the midwife took her and placed her on my chest. She was finally here!

Since then, we've been blessed with smiles, cooing and lots of dirty diapers! I never realized people could function on such little sleep either! Our cat, Piggy, is still adjusting to our new family member. She'll walk up to Brooklynn and sniff her a little and then walk away. I think she's getting the impression that she's here to stay.

Many women say labor is a pain you soon forget. I don't think I'll quite forget it, but I am looking forward to adding to our family. Just give me a year (or two)!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So, What's the Middle Name?

Okay, so I know it's been a few days since we announced the arrival of Brooklynn. At the time we hadn't finalized a middle name for her yet. In the meantime, it's been extremely busy adjusting to the flury of new activity.

One of the downsides to a home birth is the lack of constant after-care you receive in the hospital. Between taking temperatures every 4 hours, to sitz baths 3 times a day, to hot water bottles to keep Nancy Lynn sterilized, to sunning the baby twice a day for jaundice prevention, to getting plenty of calories in Nancy Lynn so she doesn't widdle down to's been busy! That's not to mention the "normal" baby care that will be a part of our lives from now on!

Through it all, Nancy's done great and is healing well. She's been in bed since Saturday and hasn't left the bedroom yet. The midwife will be by today and hopefully update us on how mobile Nancy can start being. Brooklynn is a very happy baby and rarely cries (yet). She's a feeding monster and rarely even gets to 2 hours between feedings before she's hungry again.

We had some great support from Nancy's parents and my mom and sister the first few days. At this time, it's just my mom helping us and she plans to be here until next Monday. Reality will definitely hit when it's just Nancy and I with Brooklynn.

So...what's the middle name you ask? Nancy and I have decided on Brooklynn Elizabeth Clark. Elizabeth means "Consecrated to God" and we wouldn't have it any other way. During our two miscarriges, one of the thoughts that helped us through was knowing that everything we have are just gifts from God. So, if God chooses not to give or decides to take back a gift, it was His to begin with. So, now that God has decided to bless us with Brooklynn even after our losses, Brooklynn is still His, and we'll be reminded of that every time we speak her name.

As soon as Nancy feels up to it, I'll have her update the blog with some of her thoughts and feelings about the birth. In the meantime, enjoy some of these new pictures!

Brooklynn Elizabeth getting her hair cleaned about an hour after arriving to this new world

Momma holding her new daughter

Grandma Sunshine holding Brooklynn Elizabeth

Grandpa Brooks holding Brooklynn Elizabeth

Grandmama holding her first granddaughter

Auntie Kimberly holding her first blood niece

Cousin Rylen looking at his new cousin

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome Brooklynn Clark!

Brooklynn Clark was born at 3:17 p.m. at her parents home in Round Rock, TX. Brooklynn was 6 lbs. 15 oz. and measured 19.75 inches long. She has light brown eyes, dark black hair and chubby cheeks.

Brooklynn's name comes from her mom's maiden name "Brooks" and her mom's middle name "Lynn". Her middle name is being narrowed down and will be shared soon.

Congratulations to those who voted "Girl" and "What's the Rush" and "No Sharing with Mom or Dad"! You win the right to tell everyone else, "I told you so!"

Thanks to everyone who has followed along with our progress on the blog and shared their support. We were so blessed to have the birth at home just as we had hoped and planned for.

Although this blog will soon end now that Clark2B has a name, we'll go out with a bang with plenty of pictures and tidbits soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's a Girl!

Nancy and I are proud to announce that our baby girl arrived at 3:17 p.m. this afternoon. Both baby and mom are doing great. More details to follow!

Half Way There

The midwife just examined Nancy and she's 5 1/2 cm. dialated now. Our midwife is on her way to take over and should be here within the hour. Nancy is doing great...breathing through the contractions and relaxing.

Something that's changed with the baby is that there's now a bag of water on top of the baby's head. This isn't really good or bad, but it will protect the baby's head while it exits.

My sister and and nephew arrived a little while ago from Houston. Clark2B is quite the draw right now!


The midwife just checked Nancy and she's 4 cm. now. She also checked the baby's heartbeat and it was slightly raised (150's) but nothing to be alarmed about. The midwife will check Nancy again in a couple hours.

Houston, We Have Confirmed Labor

The backup midwife performed her exam on Nancy. The baby is positioned just as it needs to be and the heartbeat sounds great. Nancy's 3 cm. dialated now and is having contractions about every 3 minutes. The midwife suggested at this stage that Nancy rest for now and allow the contractions to do their work.

Midwife on the way!

Nancy's been having contractions since about 3:45 a.m. this morning. They've been about 5 minutes apart and somewhat intense.

Right now, our midwife is with another lady that went into labor yesterday, so she's sent a backup midwife to our house to do an examination and check Nancy's progression and how the baby is doing.

My mom is filling up the kiddie pool and I'm with Nancy timing contractions and helping her remember to breathe. I've got my scrubs on and I'm ready to roll!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Walkin' the baby

Happy Anniversary Momma & Daddy!

Today is our first anniversary. Nancy and I were married on February 29, 2004. Although this is just our first anniversary, it feels like we've been married for years!

Seriously though, today is a special day for us. But we wouldn't mind sharing it with another special person. Baby wanna come out and play?

Nancy had some more intense practice contractions last night. She made the comment to me early this morning, "...this is going to hurt...but it's not something I can't endure." She's still showing strength and determination. Won't be much longer.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

41 Weeks

After yesterday we successfully completed 41 weeks. At this hour, we've only got a little over 24 hours left to have a February baby.

Nancy is feeling more pressure in her pelvis, but not anything yet that she has to breathe with to get through. She usually gets some good contractions around 2 am...we'll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Any Day Now

Today was our weekly visit to the midwife. Officially Nancy was a week past her expected due date today. During the examination, the midwife observed Nancy was 2 cm. dilated now about 85-90% effaced. She also said that the baby's station is now at +1 (or below the pelvis). Only 10% of her clients progress to this point prior to being in labor.

This was all good news and signs towards a shorter labor. The baby's heartbeat was strong and the midwife measured the baby to be around 7 3/4 lbs. It seems the only thing holding back the labor at this point is a case of poison oak Nancy has on her left side. It seems Nancy got this after working in the landscaping in the front of the house last week. She was trying to be good by being on her hands and knees, holding a position that would keep the baby in anterior.

Well, we've been treating the poison oak the rest of the afternoon and it's definitely looking better. So maybe now that her body can redirect it's energy away from the rash and focus on the labor!

Happy Birthday Momma!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's the Point?

Nancy got her acupuncture treatment this afternoon. She got stuck on both her hands, her ankles and feet, her shoulders and her backside. The "point" of all this is to stimulate her body for labor. If she doesn't go into labor by Saturday, she has another appointment Saturday afternoon for another round.

I don't think they got the needles in deep enough...she's still smiling too much...

Monday, February 25, 2008

A leap day baby?

Well, it looks like baby Clark is in no rush to get here. We were wondering if we would have an Aquarius or a Pisces. It looks like baby will be a fishy like its momma. (Yeah! I am looking forward to having someone that understands my logic.) We could all use another dreamer in the world-of course that makes the typical Taurus cringe. It's a good thing we are as adorable and loving as we are. Christopher's consolation is that he will at least be able to influence this one with routines and the finer points of linguistics from birth. :) (Aunt Patsy, you'll have to give us some pointers!)

The baby keeps giving us signs that it wants to come, but then gets all cozy and decides to wait a little longer. Our midwife says that babies like to go for 41 weeks which would be this Wednesday the 27th. We will have to put up a new poll- will it be born on its own unique day, will it be born on my birthday or will it be a leap day baby? Of course since I am the Pisces, we will have to wait for Christopher to get out there and set that all up.

One thing to consider-I am going to the acupuncturist tomorrow and will have an "induction" treatment. Although, it is not a guarantee that baby Clark will come, it is supposed to stimulate points that encourage birth.

Well, keep checking the blog and we'll let you know if anything changes. For you Indiana Jones fans- "...choose wisely"

False Start?

What started out as a quiet, normal weekend got a little exciting yesterday. While on our way to church, Nancy was noticing some stronger Braxton-Hicks contractions about 10 minutes or so apart. As the day progressed, Nancy's hunger was up which is a good sign the body is preparing for the athletic even we call "labor". Later in the afternoon, Nancy's energy was fading and she took a nap, still experiencing contractions here and there. When we went to bed, I half way expected to be awoken in the middle of the night. I was prepared to grab my pen, paper and stopwatch, but apparently that's going to be another night. Nancy had a few crampy contractions last night, but was able to go back to sleep through it all. I tried to time one of her contractions this morning, but after not feeling anything after 10 minutes, we didn't feel it was anything we needed to concern ourselves with for now.

Nancy's visiting the chiropractor today for another adjustment. Tomorrow she has her acupuncture appointment where they'll hit some spots that will help stimulate labor. Although they call it "induction treatment", it's a little different then being induced with pitocin. The treatment Nancy's going to get doesn't guarantee she'll go into labor, but if her body is ready, it will respond to the treatment. In the end, it's still her body that's going to drive the labor. Pitosin, on the other hand, is used to "mimic" labor when your body isn't doing it on it's own. Hopefully Nancy's body will do what it needs to do naturally and we won't have to pursue any pitosin type option.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

40 weeks (and still counting)

Like the Energizer bunny, we're still going...

Nancy had her weekly midwife appointment yesterday. Everything checked out normal. The midwife is estimating the baby is probably somewhere around 7 1/2 pounds right now. Some great news was that the baby had turned back around to an anterior position! As long as the baby stays facing Nancy's back, this will reduce the amount of labor and sometimes even the degree of pain.

Nancy's been working really hard on sitting in positions that promote this position for the baby. I think what was really helpful was seeing the Chiropractor on Monday which loosened some ligaments and created a little more room for the baby to move. There's just so little room left now.

Nancy saw the Chiropractor again yesterday after our midwife appointment. Today, she has her weekly acupuncture appointment. Last night she was feeling a little crampy during some of her braxton-hicks contractions.

So, it seems things are continuing to progress. Tonight's a full moon. Some crazy things happen during full moons!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Another Day

For us, today was the day we were counting down to meet our baby. 40 weeks of charting, appointments, anxiety, excitement and surprises were supposed to build up to everything being revealed today. However, Clark2B has different plans it seems. Today isn't anything special at all. Today is just another day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last Day to Vote

Well, it's another primary day in the race for President and here in the blog for Clark2B, it's the last day to vote on whether you think Clark2B will be a boy or girl. The vote for early, late and on-time has already closed, even with some last minute jockeying and shifting of votes. But don't worry, all votes will be accounted for. The nice thing about this vote is that regardless of what you decide to vote for, we're all going to end up with something we can all be happy with!

Nancy and Clark2B are doing well. For the past several days Nancy has said to me that she feels like she's getting close. And of course, she's right. Each day is a little closer! But I think she's really starting to feel like it just can't be much longer. Tomorrow is our calculated "due date", but there's still 9 hours left for those early birds out there who voted "Look Out"!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Water Breakage of a Different Kind

Well, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day last week with the one you love. Mine was spent on my hands and knees with a wet vac, sucking up water out of our carpet.

No, Nancy's still intact. Remember the pool we started to fill up Monday morning? Well, we've been keeping a foot of water in it in anticipation of Nancy going into labor. Everything was fine until Thursday when in a matter of hours, one side of the pool deflated and water started to spill over the side out on to the carpet!

Fortunately, only a couple inches emptied out, but it was enough to soak a good portion of the carpet where the pool was sitting. Thanks to the Dupres, we were able to borrow their wet vac and suck up most of the water. Then, I went out to Craig's List and found someone who was selling a dehumidifier for $35. I drove down and bought it from him on Friday and had it running over the weekend to dry out the carpet the rest of the way.

We're back to normal now. Fortunately we didn't need the tub this past weekend, although we were anticipating maybe something would happen with the storms passing through Friday night and Saturday. It's common for hospitals to see an influx of women with their water broken during a storm. However, our midwife thinks this is due to a mineral deficiency and doesn't experience this phenomenon with her clients since she puts them on a vitamin regimen that includes a mineral supplement.

So, the wait continues. Part of me obviously wants to see the baby as soon as possible and have it here to hold. But there's another part that says enjoy the time I have as much as I can while it's just Nancy and I for a little while longer.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

39 Weeks

Happy Valentine's Day!

The past several days have been filled with anticipation. I've commented a few times how it feels like I'm watching paint dry or the grass grow. Nothing seems to be happening fast enough!

Yesterday, Nancy had her weekly appointment with the midwife. The baby's heartbeat was in the low to mid 130's this time. It seems the heart is getting stronger which is definitely encouraging.

Nancy was 70% effaced and approx. 1 1/2 cm. dialated. The midwife's explanation for the decrease in effacement was due to Nancy's appointment last week was in the afternoon when Nancy had been on her feet all day and the baby was applying more and more pressure throughout the day. Yesterday, Nancy's appointment was in the morning, more in line with all of her previous appointments. So, in comparison with her appointment 3 weeks ago when she was 65% effaced, Nancy has definitely progressed, just not at the rate we were thinking last week. But anything can happen!

The baby was also positioned posterior again. During Nancy's acupuncture visit yesterday afternoon, they got the baby moving around again. This morning Nancy seemed to feel like she was only feeling the baby move on the right side. Now if we can just keep the baby there!

Nancy and I also visited with a new pediatrician group on Tuesday night as we explore our options. We have another appointment next Tuesday with one that this really close to our home. I guess we'll see if Nancy will make it to that appointment with me or not!

Today, Nancy's getting her haircut. She enjoyed the style she got last time which was very low maintenance. That will be important for the next month or two. Plus, by doing it now, she won't have to worry about trying to fit an appointment in before going back to work in April.

Only 13 hours left to have a Valentine's Day baby. Time's runnin' out!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Nancy made some scrubs for me to wear when the baby is born. A few weeks ago we found an Indianapolis Colts pattern and the search for the type of scrubs I wanted was over. With the help of Nancy's mom, they got finished just in time. I may not know what to do during the birth, but I'll look like I do!

First Contraction

At about 2:50 a.m. this morning, Nancy experienced her first painful contraction. Nothing super painful, but she definitely felt something. She felt a couple more about 10 minutes apart. The last one wasn't painful at all, so she was able to drift off back to sleep.

Nonetheless, the moment is getting closer, so I'm filling up the tub for Nancy to use once she goes into labor...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let the Spoiling Commence

A couple weeks ago, there was a big question mark on whether or not we thought Nancy would even make it to her own baby shower which took place yesterday, 11 days before her due date. Clark2B cooperated and blessed Nancy with a wonderful day with family and friends. We received so many nice gifts and words of encouragement. It's wonderful to know that so many really care about us and our family.

Here are some photos from yesterday...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

38 Weeks

Today our midwife visit happened at our house. The midwife was able to see the layout of our house and where we planned to have the baby. Good thing we had the house cleaned last weekend!

The midwife performed her routine weekly exam while she was here. The baby appears to be right at 7 lbs. now and is completely engaged in the pelvis. For the first time, the baby appears to be turned posterior, so Nancy is going to have to get on her hands and knees and try to get the baby to turn around to a more anterior position before labor. Nancy is also now 90% effaced. Two weeks ago she was 65% effaced, so we're getting really close now.

This weekend, Nancy is having a shower thrown for her by some women at our church. Nancy's sister and my sister and Nancy's parents are all traveling from out of town for the shower. It will be really nice to see everyone for one of the last times it will be just the two of us.

Well, next week's Valentine's Day, so I guess we have the possibility of a Valentine's Day baby. In the spirit of all the primary voting going on for the presidential election and yesterday being Super Tuesday, I'm going to throw another vote on the blog to see who thinks the baby will be early, late or on time. Happy voting!

Monday, January 21, 2008

1 month to go

It's been awhile since we've had an updated picture of Nancy and the baby, so what better time than with 1 month left! Yes, that's correct, yesterday was January 20th, which leaves us 1 month until February 20th, our expected due date. Tomorrow, Nancy will be 36 weeks along and we couldn't be more excited or anxious. Reading through the posts on this blog makes me feel like it hasn't been very long since we first felt the baby move or Nancy started to really show. Now, we feel the baby move constantly and Nancy feels like she needs a new set of clothes just to fit into for the final few weeks!

Most every evening, I get to "play" with the baby. I feel around for an elbow or foot and the baby will push back on me or move around to find my hand again. I wonder if we'll be able to pick up where we leave off after the baby is born...

Well, we're off to another birthing class. Only 3 more left and then we'll know everything we need to know...yeah right! Enjoy the pictures of Nancy in our baby's newly decorated room and thanks to my parents for helping us get it all organized!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

35 Weeks

Yesterday marked the end of 35 weeks. Nancy has just a few more days of work and it couldn't come too soon for her. She's still getting around okay, but it's definitely harder to work a full day.

We've started attending our birthing classes. We go on Monday and Wednesday nights for a couple hours each night. It really makes for a long day, but we're getting a lot of good information.

The baby's been craving oranges lately. The other night, Nancy woke up at 3 a.m. and would've given anything for some orange juice. Unfortunately we had run out and we don't have an all night supermarket near by. Fortunately the next day, Nancy had a baby shower thrown for her at her school and one of the teachers heard of her craving and brought some OJ to the shower. If I didn't know better, I'd think she may have enjoyed that OJ more than the gifts! Ha ha.

Starting next Thursday, we'll be making weekly visits to the midwife to get checked out. Our first visit in February will actually have the midwife come to our house so she knows how to get here when we call her. That reality is really starting to set in too. I keep wondering where I'll be and what I'll be doing when Nancy says, "It's's really happening".

Start this past week, Nancy started taking some herbs that will help her with softening. It's got things like Red Raspberry Leaf, Black Cohosh Root and False Unicorn root. I think it's that unicorn root that gives it it's magical powers...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby's 1st Report Card

Yesterday, Nancy had a diagnostic ultrasound performed. We wanted to verify that nothing life threatening was present and take a couple photos while we were there. :)

However, we didn't look at the ultrasound screen or the pictures yet. We're saving our first look for when Clark2B is finally here! Don't worry, the pictures are in a safe place and we'll share them with everyone in a couple months!

At 30 weeks and 5 days, Here's how our baby scored:
  • Head - Normal
  • 4 Chamber heart - Normal w/ heartbeat in the 140's
  • Stomach - Normal
  • Kidney's - Normal
  • Spine - Normal
  • Amniotic Fluid - Normal
  • Cord Insertion - Normal
  • Estimated weight - 3 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Estimated due date - 2/19/07 (within 1 day of our estimation)
  • Gender - SECRET

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

30 weeks

Here's an updated picture of Nancy and the baby's progress. Nancy's been craving Rice Crispy treats. Her sister came to visit last night along with her parents and made some Rice Crispy treats for Nancy.

And so the cravings begin...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Trimester

Whew, what a whirlwind the past several weeks have been. Nancy's had a couple more visits with the midwife. Everything has been just fine and reassuring. The most recent visit (Nov. 29) the midwife was able to feel Nancy's belly and deduce that the baby was head down already. She even let Nancy and I feel the baby's head! This was a little squeamish for me personally, but Nancy's continued to try and feel for it since! Nancy also had her glucose test and the results came back normal.

Nancy and I also spent our last Thanksgiving that was just the two of us. We were blessed with a visit from my Aunt Patsy and cousin Austin. The baby got a little taste of some Cajun deep fried tryptophan....mmmm. Nancy also graduated from her beginners sign language course. She was bummed to find out she missed one of the questions and ended up with a 96%. With a couple perfectionists as parents, our child needs prayers! Ha ha.

We haven't really posted anything about finding out the gender of the baby since October. We heard some great stories from both sides and received some good advice. After considering everything, we ultimately decided to not find out. Even after the baby's born, we don't want to find out...just kidding. Seriously though, we're excited about the build-up and surprise. We've told several people we know that the older we get, the fewer surprises we get to experience that are actually pleasant! So, we're gonna savor this one for as long as we can.

Nancy's got just 9 more days till Christmas break, then she goes back to teach on January 7th for 10 more days before taking her maternity leave. She's planning on spending plenty of time relaxing and working on the nursery.

Well, that's all for now. Our next post should be with single digit weeks left!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

100 days to go! (give or take...)

We're in the final stretch. I decided to surprise Nancy with a brand new KING sized bed. Now, I'm sure there are some of you that think "what an insensitive thing to do when your wife is already self-conscience about how big she's getting...", but's been her idea for the last several years! I just chose now to fulfill her request. :)

Seriously though, she was very surprised to find purple iris's lying on her brand new bed that she gets to spend her final trimester on...and a little extra room was nice too...

Here are some pictures of me spending this morning putting it all together so it would be waiting for her when she got home tonight. She had no idea I was doing any of this. Some of the pictures aren't the greatest, but hey...I was a one-man show!

In case you're wondering, in the last picture, those two boxes with a woman's face on them are the two pillows we got for free with the bed. After careful review of the pictures, I noticed it looked a bit like an advertisement... (Disclaimer: No parties gained financially through their participation... in fact they'll be paying for awhile...)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Clark2B & Jadyn

A week ago, while Nancy and I were in Houston, we stayed with Nancy's sister, her husband and our 8-month-old niece Jadyn. Jadyn was very curious about Nancy's belly.

"My belly doesn't look like that..." she thinks to herself.

"Perhaps some music might coax out whatever is in there..." (She has a strong vocabulary already)

"I guess I'll just have to pull it out!"

Finally she was content with just playing with her Cousin2B. It will be even more fun when Jadyn can teach her cousin how to play with all her toys!